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Looking for a home loan or to refinance to a better rate? Wow! Things certainly have changed over the past few months. Especially with investment property loans and refinacing. Get in touch to find out your options.
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The benefits of self managed super funds (SMSFs) are evident by their continued rapid growth. SMSF is fastest growing sector in superannution. Read more...

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You’ve had a few jobs over the years and been paid superannuation in each one. You have a number of superannuation funds and you forget all about them until the annual statements arrive. Now you feel worried and confused. What does it all mean? Have I got them all? Is my money still safe? Am I paying too much in fees? Read more...

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On average, only 25% of debilitating injuries occur at work or are work related. In 2013/14 there were approximately 531,800 work-related injuries in Australia. Of these, only around 298,000 received workers compensation. Two-thirds of workers can expect to be off work for more than three months during their working life due to illness or injury. Read more...